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RPG Laboratory

Solo Story System

The following is a rules-lite system that is intended to facilitate solo story-gaming play. It can also be used to develop plots for stories if a writer is blocked.

What you need:

Pen or Pencil
1 six-sided (or any type of) die

Setting and Situation

Write a paragraph of 100 words or under which details a setting or situation. You may optionally use a seed paragraph to get you started.

The Questions

Ask a question relating to the paragraph.

There are two types of questions: 1) Paragraphs that can be answered with a yes or no, and 2) Questions that cannot.

You may choose to play the game using one or both of these methods.

If the question can be answered with a yes or no roll a d6.

The answer is:

1 Yes, and...
2-3 Yes, but...
4-5 No, and..
6 No, but...

Option 1) For the answer, you must write six options to complete the sentence. List them from 1 to 6, roll the dice, and continue...

Option 2) For a faster and more predictable game, you may fill in the blanks beforehand. You may either write one or two Yes, but... or No, and... answers. You will not get the chance to be as creative with this method.

If the question can't be answered with a yes or no, write 6 possible answers listed from 1 to 6.

Two-player (or more) Option

It would be interesting to attempt a two player version of the game where one player assumes the role of "Main Character" and the other assumes the role of "Game Master." the Main Character would be responsible for asking questions/creating answers regarding his own actions and the Game Master would be responsible for everything else.

Two-player mm?

This idea really interests me. Just how light can a set of rules possibly be? Heck, I'd try out an RPG wherein the entire rules can be explained in a paragraph. If you want to try a play-by-post, I'd love to be a play-tester!